If you’re keen to learn Spanish but know you will find attending a regular group class difficult because of work commitments, or if you have a specific language goal and you feel you will make faster progress through individual lessons, just contact us and we will find the most suitable 1-to-1 plan for you.

How to get started

You can get in touch sending an email to hertsspanish@outlook.com or give us a call on 07510785959 to have an assessment. This will help us get a clear sense of your level of Spanish and give you the opportunity to talk to us about your specific goals.  We can then design a syllabus which is tailor-made according to your needs, interests and learning style.

How much

If you enjoy your taster lesson and you are keen to continue learning Spanish with us, the next step is to make a calendar and plan the lesson times with your individual needs.

Fees 1-to-1 lessons:

Fees 2-to-1 lessons: